CWSF Day 1: Settling In and Setting Up

Sun, 2013-05-12 02:09 -- Reni Barlow

The 2013 Canada-Wide Science Fair is well underway here in Lethbridge, Alberta! A warm welcome to all participants, delegates, volunteers, and visitors! The first day has already been a huge success beginning with participant arrivals, campus tours, project setup, information sessions, and concluding with a lively Meet and Greet to end off the day.

Throughout the day, participants and delegates from all over Canada were making their arrivals to the vibrant campus of the University of Lethbridge. Once settled into their residences, the delegations were invited to attend orientation sessions and campus tours. Some of the buildings that the participants visited included the Students' Union Building, Anderson Hall, Turcotte Hall, and University Hall, home of the longest hallway in North America. One of the information sessions that participants were invited to was Judging 101, presented by CWSF Judging Ambassadors.

Enthusiastic participants were informed of tips and strategies to prepare them for positive judging experiences on Tuesday. The finalists learned what types of awards they will be competing for, and what judges were looking for in a presentation. Judging 101 sessions also offered the students the “ultimate secret to judging”, and will be offered again on Sunday.

The day ended off with the Finalist Meet and Greet event featuring great music, pin bingo, delicious ice cream, refreshments, and a wonderful opportunity for everyone to get acquainted. The night featured "duelling pianos", where two pianists, Kal Toth and Kate LaRoque, riffed songs together creating a smorgasbord of exciting music, and took song requests from the audience. The University of Lethbridge and the Lethbridge Host Committee welcomed the finalists. A surprising and exciting Ambassador entrance was staged as it kicked off the music and dancing for the night.

"I'm so happy to see all the excited faces around the campus. It's been great to reunite with friends from previous science fairs. I can't wait to meet everyone. Join us at Judging 101 tomorrow." – Elise Tessier, Judging Ambassador

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We can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!