Day 3 - AYSF 2011

Tue, 2011-08-23 13:50 -- Team Canada-AYSF

On the third full day of APEC AYSF, I had the "Local Wisdom: Banana” activity. This involved splitting into small groups and building a contraption out of banana fibres that filtered sea water and oil. Originally, my group tried rotating a jar like a centrifuge so as to separate the oil and water centrifugally, but this plan didn’t turn out so well. We ended up creating two “funnels” made from banana leaf filtered with fibres to trap the oil while the water continued to flow. Overall, it was an enjoyable and educational day.

- Benjamin

It was the second day for the activity camps. As usual, we went to have breakfast and then went to our camp. First, we did some games and then we had a lecture on the applications of atomic energy and other elements. Next, we finished the plans for the atomic society and started creating it with the materials provided. It was pretty interesting. Compared to the other teams, our town was very original because we decided to place the nuclear power plant underground. We asked a staff member for some information about the parts of the nuclear power plant, then we started building it. It was then break time and we had a small snack. We continued creating our society, which was getting better and better. We didn't have much time left and we were in a hurry!After lunch, we finished creating our society: Atomic Town!

Next we played some games. One of the games was to help us understand the principles of evolution. It was like our usual rock, paper, scissors. Everyone started the game as a unicellular being and each time we won against someone else, we evolved to become another species. When we became a human, we went to sit down with the others. But, we could only play against the same species as ourselves. We were able to recognize which species the others were because everyone had to act as his or her species. In my case, I didn’t evolve much and at the end of the game, I was still a bird which was the second species from the bottom of the evolutionary ladder. There were just five who didn't win the game - two members from the purple team, but no one from the green team (if I remember correctly). So, they got the points. If other teams wanted points, they had to sing, dance or act. My friends were dancing and their team got points. Some other members of the team came to help some of their friends who were very shy, so, I finally decided to sing "Party in the USA." I was pretty shy but I did it for my team and it was fun.

We also played a game where we had to get in order, from the people born in January to the ones born in December. The trick was that we had to place ourselves without saying a word, only by doing some actions that the staff members taught us: a very funny and interesting game! Then, it was time for each team to present their atomic society. My friends, P Fai, Kens and I were chosen by our teammates to go in front and present our town. I talked about the applications of atomic energy in our town, like using it in medicine and health, agriculture, transportation, airports, stores... Then, it was the break and we came back to our camps.We did the questionnaire again and the staff asked us some random questions about atomic energy. We then signed our names outside, on a big fabric! Then we shared our e-mails and Facebooks with the track 8 participants, because they wouldn’t be in the same camp as us anymore. (They were going to have origami while we were in bioluminescence).

We had a break and I saw Valérie who was going with Miss Joyce to a flea market with the Korean group. I decided to go with them, but I couldn't stay there for long because I had to get back to register Benjamin and I for the APEC night (to present a show on Canada). At the flea market I made a new friend: Doria, from China, and I stayed with her because, like me, she also had to get back earlier. We went into the markets, where it was very pretty - and cheap. I only bought a present for my brother and Doria searched for traditional Thai clothing. We drank a Thai juice and came back by car to the Sirindhorn Science Home (SSH). It was very funny in the car: we had to hold onto something if we didn't want to fall off the seat!

When we arrived back, Doria and I went to register. We then decided to go to the Convention Center where we had to go for dinner. We (Doria, her friend, P Frame (he is in my group) and I) walked, as it was very close. We had to wait a bit before entering the hall where we were going to eat, so we decided to play a card game: "UNO," while we were waiting. I didn't really know how to play, so Doria's friend explained it to me. Just as we started to play, they announced that we could go in, so we thought maybe we would play after dinner. We sat and Anna, Valérie, Miss Joyce and Shu En joined us. It was a lot of fun with so many people at the table.

Then, it was time for the science show which was a show on Chinese cuisine. They explained how chemistry was linked with cuisine. There were 2 actors - a cook and a scientist - who were preparing "tom yum goong," a very spicy Chinese dish. They were fighting because the cook was saying it was his kitchen and the scientist was telling him that it was his lab and that preparing a dish means doing a chemistry experiment. The show was very interesting and afterwards, we went to serve ourselves. We ate and had a sample of "tom yum goong" on our table. It was delicious and spicy!

Funny Event: The Australian teacher gave Valérie and I two small koalas as souvenirs during the dinner and when I was going to take it, I dropped it in a full cup of water. Valérie told me to be happy I did not drop it in the soup!

After we ate, we all decided to play UNO and other students that we knew came to play too. I started playing, but then went back because I had to practice with Benjamin for our show. Anna came with us. We said bye to everyone and went back to the Sirindhorn Science Home where Benjamin and I planned our show and decided to meet up again the next day to finish the plan.

- Minuoja