Day 4 - EUCYS 2011

Mon, 2011-09-26 13:50 -- Team Canada-EUCYS

The final two rounds of judging happened shortly after breakfast today. During the judging, all contestants were put into teams of three and given a challenge of who could build the tallest standing tower out of 2000 straws. The contest ran from 10 am to 12 pm. Members of your group would work on the tower between the times that they were being judged. To make it easier for team members to work together, people were grouped with other people in their area of the exhibition hall. Unfortunately, the tower that my team built did not stand up long enough to make it through the judging process. The winning towers were announced at the end of the day, with the group of engineers having the highest tower. The judges of the tower contest decided to give out an extra prize for the contest too, for a team who had built their tower in the shape of a cat, instead of building it high off the ground.

After the judging had completed for the day, all the contestants were bussed over to Helsinki university for a presentation on nuclear fusion by M. Lennholms. When the presentation ended, everybody had dinner and then gathered into one of the lecture halls to hear the instructions for the first ever AMAZING RACE OF SCIENCES!

All contestants were split up into teams and given a passport and a map. The rules were that your team had to complete 4 out of the twelve science tasks on the map and get them stamped by people that were running the station, however, 6 of the stations were fake(meaning you don’t get a stamp for completing the task). When your team has completed all of your tasks, you can head to the finish line on your map and see what place your team came in. By the time the race got started, it was pitch black outside of the university. The race started at a candle-lit line with the sound of a horn. As soon as the horn was blown, all the teams started running to find their first task. Our team picked challenges in multiple buildings to cover all the different subject areas the university had to offer, from genetics to engineering. One of the challenges that we had to complete was charging and racing little hydrogen powered cars. Another challenge involved locating pictures with a GPS and then matching the pictures up with countries around the world. That challenge was especially difficult to do as it was hard to find the pictures in the dark. The last task was definitely the most competitive task as our group and another group were both on racing to finish first. Our team ended up beating the other team to the finish line and coming in tenth. All of the 8 remaining teams in the race arrived shortly after we had crossed the finish line. After the winners of the amazing race of sciences were announced, the buses were loaded and sent back to the hotel. The hotel was very quiet after we got back and everyone was quick to get to sleep for the night.

- Sandra