Day 5 - AYSF 2011

Thu, 2011-08-25 13:50 -- Team Canada-AYSF

Day 5 was a continuation of Atomic Energy for me. Today, participants split into groups to create cities out of construction paper that run on nuclear power. My group had a river running through it to supply water to the reactors. It also had a park in the middle named after Lise Meitner (the scientist who discovered nuclear fission). Atomic Energy ended with all the participants finger-painting their hands and names onto a giant piece of paper. I wrote: “0 over -1 βenjamin from Canada”.

This evening was APEC night. Minuoja and I performed O' Canada in French and English respectively, read a poem we had written for the occasion, sang traditional Canadian songs, including an Inuit song, and finished with Justin Bieber’s “Baby”.

Many participants were wearing traditional outfits from their countries. There was an amazing blend of different cultures and traditions.

- Benjamin

Today I did the crime scene investigation. First, the staff talked to us about Crime Scene personnel and roles, including the team leader, photographer, assistant photographer, sketch preparation and measurement, evidence recorder, guards, etc. I was assigned to be an evidence recorder. Next, they gave a PowerPoint presentation where they explained the 12 stages of a crime scene search, the considerations that should be applied before entering a crime scene, appropriate crime scene behaviour, the preliminary survey, how to document the scene, etc.

Then, we headed to the Sirindhorn Science Home and the room where the crime scene had been prepared. Inside the room, there were tables, a bed and a bat. We sprayed Luminol on the floor and on the other objects. I took notes on the locations of the spots where the Luminol glowed, which meant that there were bloodstains. Then, the staff showed us a pair of shoes from each suspect. I sprayed Luminol on both pairs and found that one pair was glowing more than the other: it was the criminal's pair. I drew the shoes and then showed my drawing to the other team members who hadn't entered the room.

We went back to the Convention Center where the sketch artist for each team had to do a drawing of the room and the other members had to reconstruct the crime scene. We all presented our ideas. The Police from the Royal Police Cadet Academy who came were very impressed by the ideas of each team!

After lunch we switched activities: Group B did the Colorimetric Chemosensor Test for Blood and Group A (my group) did experiments on latent blood detection using chemiluminescence. We started with station 3 where we had to determine how temperature affects Luminol's chemiluminescence. We found that when the temperature is lower, the brightness is reduced, but the glowing time is longer. When the temperature is higher, the brightness is increased, but the glowing time is shorter. We worked quickly and finished the experiment ahead of schedule through great teamwork.

At Station 4, we tested the effect of interference on Luminol chemiluminescence. Station 5, we compared Luminol with Bluestar. We found that adding Luminol produced the brightest solution, but for a very short duration. Bluestar was not that bright, but it glows for longer than Luminol.

At station 1, we had to find the objects that contained bloodstains by spraying 3% H2O2(Hydrogen peroxide) solutionand Luminol on the objects.

Our final station (number 2) required us to find the effect ofH2O2concentration on luminol chemiluminescence. Then, we had to explain our results and explain the chemical reaction of the last experiment we did.

The session finished with a brainstorm on how luminescence can be used in our daily lives. During that time, I was interviewed by a Thai journalist about my camp and what I liked about it. The report appears on a web site, though it's written in Thai.

After the activities, we had a short break before APEC night. I went to see the staff person who was organizing APEC night to show him my PowerPoint and to tell him what Team Canada would be doing. I practised our performance with Valérie and Benjamin. We prepared a poem and at the beginning, we would sing O Canada in English, then in French. Also, when we talked about the First Nations, Benjamin would sing an Inuit song he knew, and then we would finish with the song "Baby" by Justin Bieber.

Finally, APEC night began and all the countries did wonderfully! We were the 11th performance and it went great! Everyone liked it and congratulated us! It was a fantastic evening!

- Minuoja