Day 6 - AYSF 2011

Fri, 2011-08-26 23:50 -- Team Canada-AYSF

I woke up and prepared my project posters and materials because we presented our projects today.

We went to Thammasat University and I set up my display quickly. The AYSF participants who visited my project really liked it and gave me good feedback. Unfortunately, the presentation time was only one hour. People were still coming to see my project even after they announced that the presentation time was finished.

During the closing ceremony, some students from each camp went to the front to present what they'd done at their camp. This was great because during the festival, we weren't able to attend all the camps. They also presented the drawings from the "Social Get-together." A famous musician played a Thai flute. At the end of the Closing Ceremony, all the teachers from all the countries sang Auld Lang Syne in different languages.

I packed up my project materials and went to eat with my friends and Valérie. Gradually, everyone left - it was so sad!

I got back to my room with the book that they gave us, which contains the contact information for all the students and all the teachers, my certificate and my project materials and posters. Then, Valérie, Benjamin, the Korean team and I went shopping in Bangkok.

- Minuoja