Day 6 - MILSET ESI 2011

Sat, 2011-07-23 19:22 -- Team Canada-MILSET

This was Tour Day. We all went to Chateau Červený Kameň, which is about a one hour bus ride from our residence. There has been a castle and large estate here for hundreds of years. It is now owned by the state, and a great deal of restoration has occurred since 1945.

In addition to the castle, we walked round the extensive grounds, bought souvenirs, and viewed a raptor display and show. We returned to the residence at 6:00 pm or so, and then took a bus to downtown Bratislava where we visited a large modern mall, which felt like a small version of the Eaton Centre in Toronto.

Some took advantage of the opportunity to get their McDonald's fix. The rest of us bought our last minute souvenirs, one last Slovak meal, or strolled along the Danube.

Tomorrow, we will be home. All the packing is done, so all we have to do is catch the bus. Sixteen hours later, we will be in Toronto.