En Route - AYSF 2011

Thu, 2011-08-18 23:50 -- Team Canada-AYSF

Today, I'm so happy because I am leaving in the afternoon for Thailand with Valérie, our chaperone, who is actually the director of Les Scientifines, a program I am a member of in Montréal.

When Valérie and I arrived in Vancouver after the Air Canada flight from Montreal, we noticed how beautiful the airport was! There was a giant aquarium on one of the walls with lights that enabled us to see better the many aquatic creatures inside. We met up with Benjamin, the other student from Canada chosen to attend the 4th APEC Youth Science Festival in Thailand. He's from Kamloops, British Columbia, so he had a much shorter flight to Vancouver.

While waiting for our next plane to Hong Kong, Benjamin and I prepared a poem for the APEC night on the 25th of August. (We needed to prepare a show that reflected our national culture.)

Unfortunately, the Hong Kong flight was delayed, which meant that we missed the connecting flight to Bangkok. When we finally arrived in Thailand, we were exhausted and it took some time to find the people who were supposed to meet us. After meeting our Thai hosts, who were very nice, we quickly forgot about our travel challenges.