Ethics – Human Case Study (2009) - What kind of mind do you have?

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Description of the Project

Students in grade 9 were asked to fill out a brief survey voluntarily. Adult participants were from the parents workplaces who volunteered to fill out and anonymously submit survey. The survey consisted of questions eliciting motivation related information.

Advice or Ruling

This project falls within the definition of a low risk project involving human participation.
Form 4.1A has been signed by the Chair of the RSF Ethics Committee.

The survey used was not supplied.

The consent of the human participants is implied by their agreement to fill in the survey.

The Youth Science Canada Ethics Committee accepts the judgement of the RSF Ethics Committee and approves this project for presentation at the CWSF.

Your Project

If your proposed science fair project involves the participation of humans or the use of animals,
  1. Visit the Ethics web page so as to become familiar with the policies.
  2. Fill in the Request for Advice or a Ruling.
  3. Submit it to the Ethics Committee of your Regional Science Fair.


These case studies summarize interesting examples of science fair projects involving humans or animals submitted to the Youth Science Canada National Ethics Committee for review. A brief description of the proposed project is given, along with the ruling given by the Ethics Committee. Some details may have been changed in the descriptions so that the original source cannot be identified. The ethical challenges described have not been changed.