Day 4 - MILSET ESI 2011

Thu, 2011-07-21 02:33 -- Team Canada-MILSET

Day four of MILSET ESI 2011 got off to an early start with the upcoming Cultural Evening on everybody’s mind. After breakfast and a quick meeting at the convention center, everything except the choreography had been decided on and the Canadian delegation proceeded to the exhibit hall. The next eight hours were spent explaining the projects to others and exploring the world of ideas presented. Some of us decided to spread some Canadian spirit by giving others a chance to take a picture with a hockey stick and patriotic hat.

The afternoon’s highlight was by far a lecture given about CERN, its current research and outreach programs. After the lecture, we went over to the Expo Arena for the cultural evening. While very long, the cultural evening included some fascinating presentations by countries across the world.


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Safe travels home! Can't wait to hear about everything in person! - Hayden's mom

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Thanks for the update - I would imagine you are all busy packing and getting ready for the trip home. Thanks for doing Canada proud Team Canada. Look forward to all of your tales from across the pond.