Team Canada-MILSET in Bratislava, Slovakia

Tue, 2011-07-19 17:00 -- Reni Barlow

Team Canada-MILSET 2011 is in Bratislava, Slovakia participating in MILSET Expo-Sciences International (ESI) 2011, which was opened today by the Slovakian Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport, Eugen Jurzyca, and the President of MILSET, Roberto Hidalgo of Mexico. A total of 45 Canadian students from 6 provinces are representing the country as a result of a selection process that drew from CWSF finalists, as well as the Québec Super Expo-Sciences from 2010 and 2011.

Today's opening ceremonies featured a pair of performers "dancing on silk" - on fabric suspended from the ceiling - as well as speeches welcoming the over 800 students from over 60 countries. Following the opening ceremonies the exhibit hall was open for viewing by the public and MILSET ESI participants. Tomorrow is another day of public viewing and judging.